Writing Prompt # 11: Fairy Tales

Revamping fairy tales is one of my favorite writing exercises. I absolutely love reading new versions of these strange old stories, as well as writing my own! There’s a million different ways you could take this exercise, whether you go for a more traditional and strict elaboration, or change the tale’s setting, characters, or genders completely. In this case, I chose to change as many aspects of my fairy tale as I could while still keeping it recognizable.

Rojored riding hood

Once there was a chica who was a predator who was a wolf who was a senorita and she followed me home because she said she liked the way I looked in my red dress. When mi abuela said good girls don’t date lobas she gobbled up her soul and spat out the bones.

The wolf moved in because I couldn’t tell her no but on El Dia de los Muertos when we got out Granny’s bones for the dance –

And man could that musico from up La Avenida de los Muertos make them dance, the way he sawed away at his violin! Even La Loba had to get up and dance the flamenco, spinning me around in a circle of red flames.

La Loba danced so hard she shook my granny’s soul loose and it went flying out of her boca and back into mi abuela and the musico chased that wolf out of the feast with his violin, her howling all the way.

After that we lived pretty happily I guess but sometimes I still see a girl all bright eyes and bushy tail my what big eyes you have and I want to put on my red dress and bailar beside her all the way home.


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