A Quote from Mark Helprin’s “Winter’s Tale”

I am currently reading Mark Helprin’s novel “Winter’s Tale,” and loving every single word. I can’t believe I’ve never discovered this book before. A love letter to New York City, to Northern winters, and to writing itself, every paragraph is magical and surprising. And the writing! Sentences so beautiful they make me cry. Really. Pick this book up.

Yesterday, somewhere in the middle of a paragraph about the beauty of skyscrapers and the philosophy of newspaper magnates, I came across this quote. It’s yet another one that I think I need to print out and hang above my writing desk.

Images and people have to be strong enough to stand by themselves. For when they do, they have the capacity and power to be interlinked, and to serve.

That’s what I want to be, what I want my writing to be. To be strong enough to stand by itself, to serve.

Photo Credit: Raceytay

Photo Credit: Raceytay


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