My first day at my new (first full-time!) job consisted of an inactive parking pass, long hours, mountains of benefits paperwork, and lots of info dumping. After getting home and shutting myself up away from the stress, I had to remind myself that, if all goes well, my corporate career will only be temporary.

When I’d announced on Facebook that I had found a new job, my friend Marc, a fellow writer, commented: “Don’t you already have a job? To write dozens of novels that will be read by millions of people around the globe? I call that a monumental job.” (Thanks, Marc, for making me feel like a sell-out!) How could I argue with that?

So here is what I need from you, my fellow writers and readers. Despite long hours at a full-time job, I will not stop writing. But I’ll need you to hold me accountable. I know how easy it is to get “too busy” or “too tired” or just plain complacent. So if you catch me slacking, let me know! Facebook friends, message me on Facebook and tell me to get typing! Blog followers, leave a comment and tell me I’d better be writing!  In return, I’ll continue to share inspiration and encouragement here, along with pieces of what I’m working on. Let’s do this together.


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