Writing Prompt #7: A Haiku

Way more difficult than they appear, yet fun too, haiku are the ultimate poetry exercise. They strip poetry down to its bare bones (what we’re always trying to do in our poems anyway, right?) and yet they still remain startling and fresh. Traditionally, haiku focuses on nature, and juxtaposes two different images or ideas to form a metaphor. They should consist of 17 syllables in three “phrases,” or lines, usually in a pattern of 5, 7, 5.

My haiku is mainly meant to be funny. When Dorianne Laux, my workshop teacher, read it, she started laughing and said “There has been plenty of haiku written about the moon, but never that one!” I was pleased. I find serious haiku very hard to write. If you can do it, link to yours in the comments!

Lunar Cycle

Moon bikes miles each night,
becomes a skinny bitch. Then
gets knocked up again.


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #7: A Haiku

  1. That is a remarkably unique take on it, to be sure! Perhaps I can offer a complementary verse:

    deadbeat daytime sun
    under bars every night but
    the moon never learns

    As to a serious haiku? I’ll offer up one I did a few days back:

    Rainfall collected
    In the palms of green hands and
    Strawberry blossoms

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