This is a reblog from Kate DiCamillo’s  facebook page, where she shares heart-warming stories and advice from her life as an author. I love it when her stories show up in my newsfeed! Today, she wrote a wonderful short piece of advice for writers:

“Yesterday morning, I was out walking Henry and a guy came out of his house carrying a toolbox and got into another guy’s truck. The guy who was driving the truck said, “All right, let’s go get this done.”
And then they headed off together.
To get the job done.
It made me wish I had a toolbox for the job of writing . . . hammers and pliers and awls and wrenches, objects that are straightforward and definitive, things you can pick up and put down, objects you know exactly how to use.
But when I think about it, there is a toolbox for writing.
Here are its contents:
Eyes (to see), ears (to listen), mind (to imagine), and heart (to love).
It’s a toolbox you carry with you all the time.
The trick is to remember that you have it, to use it, and to keep everything in it (eyes, ears, mind, heart) open.
All right, let’s go get this done.”


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