Breaking It Down – A Reblog from Pearson Sharp

Original post here: Breaking It Down.

Pearson is another emerging writer (working on his novel!) who shares some great writing advice on his blog. This week’s post was on editing, something I’m also working on right now with my soon-to-be-published story.

My favorite part of the post is what he has to say about perfection. I know I, for one, can obsess way to much over the small things in a story.

“The only frustrating part so far is that even though I’m nearly through editing, and having gone through the book with a no-holds-barred attitude, scouring every page and deleting over ten thousand words at this point, and adding nearly as many, I still find places I don’t like when I go back through and look at my edited sections. Still! I still see things I want to change.

I guess I was really hoping that I would finally achieve an “ah-ha!” moment and feel satisfied with my work. In some places, that’s very true. In others, I still don’t know what I was thinking. It makes me very nervous to consider what I might be missing when I do eventually finish that last page and hit “Print”.

But, as someone said, we’re never really finished. So I have to suppose that I’ll just take this in its best form, as the most glowing copy that I, at this age and with my sound judgement, can produce. And I’ll send it off and hope for the best.”

via Breaking It Down – A Reblog from Pearson Sharp.


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