“He would have hated his own funeral. It was one of those solemn, teary, small town affairs, and held in the Spring Hope Baptist Church, the one his mom used to go to and that he hadn’t stepped foot in since sixth grade. The sanctuary was paneled in dark wood broken by stained glass windows showing a very Caucasian Jesus shepherding some fluffy sheep, grimy with age. White lilies, pumped as full of formaldehyde as the body in the casket, glowed in the corners, making the air sweet enough to choke on. The organ was ironically horror-movie perfect for a funeral, groaning and screeching through hymns that he wouldn’t have known the words to. “

My short story “Astronaut” was just published in North Carolina State University’s Windhover! I’m so excited to see it in print, especially with such a great layout and design! This story, with a character that could have been me and a tiny town that could have been the one I grew up in, is especially close to my heart. Thanks to Lisa and everyone else at Windhover for making it look so fantastic!


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